A sump pump is commonly used in low lying areas where homes are built below the water table and when basements and crawl spaces accumulate large amounts of water every time it rains.

When installed properly, the sump pump system can protect your home from flooding and from moisture that has accumulated over time. The sump pump is placed in the lowest area under the home and is used to pump water outside of the foundation walls or into the home’s existing drainage system. The sump pump works in conjunction with a sump pit, and often requires french drain systems directing water to the drainage basin.

It is critical for a sump pump to always be working; otherwise the sump pit can overflow and do serious damage to your home’s foundation. A backup power supply system is needed in case the primary power system for the sump pump fails or is out for a long period of time. Battery backup pumps work during power failures by battery power.


Sump Pump Services in Cary NC


Sump Pump

Sump Pumps collect water and then pump the water from crawl space outside of the foundation walls.

Battery Back-up

A battery back up is necessary to insure your sump pump is always operational when you need it to run.

French Drain

Drain systems installed along with a sump pump ensure all water is being directed to the catch basin.