Your home is a complex system of interdependent parts. If your crawl space shows signs of rot, mold or structural damage, these problems will extend to other parts of the home.

A dry crawl space is the starting point of a healthy home. The walls enclosing your crawl space constitute your home’s foundation, the very base on which your house stands. Prolonged wet, damp conditions can compromise the foundation walls and cause structural damage, making your house unsafe for your family. Home inspection problems could also result. And it may not only be the foundation that is damaged; moisture can also buckle hardwood floors, adding to safety hazards.

Sinking Crawl Space Supports: Sometimes, crawl space support pillars are built on soils that are not strong enough to support the weight of your home. Over time, these supports will begin to sink into the soil. As they do, the floor they hold up will sink as well, leading to uneven floors and interior wall cracking.

Inadequate Structural Design: Sometimes, the contractor who builds a home will improperly space out the support beams that hold up your floor and interior structure. When this happens, the floor may sink in the spans between each support, leading to damage to your home structure. Our crawl space contractors in Cary NC will help.

Rotting Floor Joists: When crawl spaces are damp, humid, or experience flooding, they become an ideal environment for mold and rot. Termites, carpenter ants, wood-eating beetles, and other damaging insects may also feed on organic materials in the crawl space. As the wood deteriorates, it will no longer be able to support your home, leading to significant structural damage.

Foundation Failure: The foundation walls themselves can fail in a large number of ways. Most commonly, these walls will be damage by foundation settling due to poor supporting soils. It’s also very common for the walls to buckle inwards due to pressure from expansive soils outside the home.

Crawlspace Repair Services in Cary NC


Support Jacks

Crawl spacejacks provide a fast, permanent, warranted solution for foundation and settling issues

Sister Joists

Sister joists will add extra support to the existing floor joists and will fix sagging and flexing floors.

Mold Removal

Fungus and mold on your floor joists are a dangerous situation. Spores are released polluting air quality.