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$1,800 for Crawl Space Encapsulation and Moisture Analysis

Here’s the Deal:

  • $1,800 for 500 square feet of professional crawl space encapsulation; additional square feet can be installed at a discounted price of $4/per square feet
  • Includes removing debris, old vapor barrier, and existing sub-floor insulation
  • Installing new $-10 insulating board on foundation walls (up to 5 feet high)
  • 100% ground coverage with new 20 mil polymer vapor barrier
  • Sealing all joints, floor penetrations, pipe inlets and crawl space vents
  • Includes a complete crawlspace inspection and moisture analysis
  • Improve air quality in your crawl space and living space!
The Real Deal:
Reduce energy cost by up to 10% and eliminate the source of musty odors! Encapsulation helps control the atmosphere in your crawl space to reduce harmful moisture, humidity, odors, and fluctuating temperature levels that can lead to major home repairs overtime. Turn your dam, dirty, crawl space into a clean, dry, critter free area with this great deal! Expires one year from date of purchase.

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Did You Know?

Moisture accumulation under homes cause mold to grow.