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Replacement Windows

 Replacement windows are utilized when the original ones are damaged, deteriorated, old, non-functional, or drafty. Energy efficient windows are a great way to save your household money. Not only can you receive tax credits for installing them, but you are helping the environment. Energy efficient windows are the wave of the future. Gere are 3 compelling reasons to upgrade your old windows.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest reasons to invest in replacement windows is when you are paying far too much to heat or cool the outdoors. If your current window is leaking even a small amount of air, this indicates a significant energy loss over time. In many cases, caulking or filling in those holes just does not improve the overall heat or air conditioning loss enough. One drafty window could mean a significant loss of energy. It is a good idea to replace them when you feel or notice drafts occurring. It is also a good idea to replace them if they are older. Replacing those from eight to ten years ago could reduce your energy bills very significantly, in fact. This is especially true when you invest in energy efficient systems such as low-e windpws.

Value Added

Another reason to consider replacement windows is to boost the value of the home. People notice them as one of the first things they see when approaching the home. That and the fact that they can reduce energy costs make them a valuable investment in virtually any situation. In some situations, such as older homes, the investment in a new window system for the entire home can help to add a significant amount of value to the home, even at 100 percent of its cost in some situations.

Improved Function

In some homes, the windowpane is not a problem but how it operates is. In situations where there is a large break or where the pane does not open properly, repairs may not be cost effective. It is possible just to replace one window if you need to do so. However, to make your life a bit easier, consider investing in new ones throughout the home. This can make it easier to open and close them, as well as clean them.

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