Before the Hurricane – Structural Maintenance Tips

Structural Preventative Measures

The roof, doors, and windows of your house or place of business are potentially
vulnerable to wind damage. When houses are exposed to hurricane forces, roofs
are most susceptible to damage, followed by walls and openings.
Roofs can be protected from wind damage by:
Ensuring that plywood roof sheathing is properly installed.
Bracing roof trusses.

  • Installing hurricane straps.
  • You can strengthen doors and windows by:
  • Installing reinforcing bolt kits at the top and bottom of doors.
  • Reinforcing garage doors.
  • Installing storm shutters over windows..

Protecting Roofs and Walls

In a hurricane, the side walls of the roof (end gables) may take a real beating and collapse. Gable bracing often consists of 2″x 4″s placed in an “X” pattern at both ends of the attic: from the top center of the end gable to the bottom of the brace of the fourth truss, and from the bottom center of the end gable to the peak of the roof.The figureon the right shows gable bracing. If your end gables do not appear to be braced, schedule Triangle Reconstruction to install bracing.

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