10 Easy Green Building Tips for Your Home

1.  Replace old light bulbs with energy saving compact fluorescents (CFL’s)

2.  Caulk and weather-strip around windows and doors

3.  During the summer, fully or partially close your south-facing drapes during the day to prevent unneeded heat from the sun

4.  During the winter, fully open your south-facing drapes during the day, and close drapes at night to prevent heat loss

5.  Insulate your attic access door

6.  Clean or replace air conditioning filters every month

7.  Insulate your air ducts especially the ducts that travel through unconditioned space such as crawl spaces and attics

8.  Install door sweeps on your exterior doors and the door to your garage

9.  Seal all holes and cracks in your home including plumbing penetrations and wiring entry points.

10. Get an Energy Audit

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Did You Know?

Moisture accumulation under homes cause mold to grow.

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